Question : Hello doctor i am 18 years old male and I am suffering from frequent nightfall... which causes so much weakness on my body and memory power... i kindly request you please help me to solve this problem...

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Answer : Nightfall or night discharge is a condition when some men ejaculate in sleep usually in the early hours of the morning or late night. This problem usually worsens due to the weakness in muscles and nerves of the penis due to past bad history of excessive masturbation, thinning of semen viscosity, fluctuation in hormones and a full bladder. Usually, men are not able to hold the semen, but when in excess then it is eliminated in the form of nightfall or late night. So, Do not worry it can be treated permanently.we having ayurvedic treatment regarding your problem,.For a complete solution to your sex problem through Ayurveda, feel free to call our mobile number #9817469817.

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