Question : I am 21 years old. When i was of 14 years i regular do masterbate. I am now feeling pain in legs every morning,got weak digestive system,easily forget everything, sometimes got muscle cramps,body tremors sometimes,ejakulate too early and also had a fear for future that when i do marriage i cannot able to become father

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Answer : As you must be aware that doing any wrong action excessively only causes damage, no significant difference is felt in the beginning, but as time passes, the problem starts increasing. This not only has an adverse effect on our body, as well as becomes a sex-related problem, if masturbation is not stopped in time, then both the quality and quantity of our semen starts decreasing gradually, due to which there is a problem in childbirth. becomes. Do not panic at all, just leave masturbation as soon as possible and take Ayurvedic medicine, Ayurvedic medicine not only removes the weakness caused by masturbation, but also helps in increasing the quality and quantity of your semen, for more information about treatment please consult us on #9817469817.

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