Question : I m male 18 yrs old. I have penis leakage problem from 2 months. What cn I do

Chetan Clinic's
Senior Sexologist

Answer : The problem you are suffering from is also known as dhatu-roga. Dhatu Roga is a condition found in the cultures of the Indian subcontinent in which male patients report symptoms of fatigue,weakness, anxiety, loss of appetite, guilt, and sexual dysfunction, attributed by the patient to loss of semen through urine, in nocturnal emission or masturbation. Male patients think that they suffer from premature ejaculation or impotence, and believe that they are passing semen in their urine.Understanding of Dhat Roga by Modern Medicine fails to impress most patients as they have no specific medications for it. However Ayurvedic treatment for Dhat helps in quickly, effectively and permanently resolving the problem, treatment not only solves the problem but also allows a male to recover from its side-effects and gain much better health and potency, for more information please contact us on #9817469817.

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